Path to Recovery

Meeting People Where They Are

We meet people where they are physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. We prefer to get out of an office and meet where YOU are most comfortable, whether that is your home, in a coffee house, or in the park.

Our Services

Interventions and/or Coordination of Treatment

The goal of an intervention is to empower the individual to develop motivation and incentives for positive changes which support sober and healthy living.


We have a variable and individualized fee schedule for interventions and/or coordination of treatment. Intervention services are designed to help the suffering individual acknowledge their substance use disorder and the issues it’s creating within their life and health. The intervention process also provides family and friends with an opportunity to have an active role within the individual’s recovery promoting positive behaviors.

We also include continuation of care through Wellness Coaching sessions following the individual’s treatment with the individual and family network. The goal of these sessions is to sustain recovery, improve family/friend relationships, provide grief resolution, and empower overall positive health and wellness.

Please note: The client understands and accepts that there are factors beyond the Interventionist’s control, and therefore, treatment, benefits and desired outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Travel costs are not included. The scope of travel distance for intervention services is unlimited.


Wellness & Recovery Coaching

Coaching sessions are tailored towards the needs and interests of the client.


Wellness and Recovery Coaching to individuals and families who are struggling with substance issues, grief, mental health issues, and/or unhealthy lifestyle can be ongoing. We suggest a minimum of 4 sessions. Session times are variable based on the client’s needs. Session payments can be made per session.

We meet people where they are. We do not have an office. We prefer to meet people where they feel most comfortable, conducting sessions in homes, outdoors, hiking, picnics, etc. Coaching sessions are tailored towards the needs and interests of the client. In specific situations, group sessions may be applicable for clients.


Sober Companionship

There are situations during an individual’s treatment and recovery that warrants a sober companion to accompany the individual on travel, vacations, or family events. We are available to assist by traveling with the individual and helping maintain sobriety and recovery accountability. The fee will be determined by the scope of service and travel time.


We consult with various institutions on implementing behavioral health practices in hospitals, recovery community organizations, and rehabilitation centers.


We have experience with SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Refer to Treatment) programs, training recovery coaches and working with clinical staff. This fee will be determined by the scope of service.



Coupling personal experiences with alcohol and its impact with professional expertise working in Emergency Room Services, Recovery programs, and Mental Health institutions, Yarborough Recovery Solutions is well-equipped to guide others on their path to recovery. We take a unique approach in that we come to you, and not only will we travel, but we want to walk with you along your most beaten paths. Recovery looks different for everyone. Through the intervention process or health and wellness coaching process we will help design a multi-faceted recovery program that is tailored for YOU. If you find peace and solace in the woods, then let’s go hiking. If providing volunteer service in your community or becoming an active member in recovery meetings keep you healthy, then we will guide you.

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Hubert Yarborough is a native of Greenville, SC. He is a graduate from Wofford College (1994) and earned a BS in Psychology and minor in Biology. After graduation, Hubert moved to Jackson Hole, WY, and began his career as a counselor working with traumatically brain injured adults. In 1996, Hubert moved home to Greenville and continued to work in the mental health business with Gateway House, Inc. His experience working with patients with chronic mental health disorders paved the way to his entry into the pharmaceutical business in 1997 representing Eli Lilly and Company. His primary focus was mental health and women’s health.

After 5 ½ years in the pharmaceutical industry, Hubert and his wife made a family decision to move back to Greenville to grow her family’s human resources business. Hubert served as Vice President of Development for Propel HR. He worked closely with both the operations team and sales team to secure client retention, promote sales growth, and create business partnerships throughout the Southeast.

After years of maintaining a functional lifestyle, Hubert finally fell victim of the devastation of alcoholism. In 2013, Hubert willingly decided that his progressive alcoholism was enough and admitted himself to an intensive outpatient program, coupled with an abundance of recovery meetings. His sobriety quickly opened many doors.

In 2017, Hubert was hired by FAVOR Greenville (Faces and Voices of Recovery) as the Senior Director of Emergency Room Services. Hubert launched a pilot program in 2018 to provide Peer Coach Specialists in Upstate emergency rooms to work with patients who present with substance use disorders. While at FAVOR, Hubert received certifications as a National Certified Interventionist, a National Certified Peer Recovery Coach, a Certified Mayo Clinic Health & Wellness coach, and Certified Family coach.

In July 2021, Hubert resigned from FAVOR to pursue his independent interests and started Yarborough Recovery Solutions LLC. Hubert uses his experience working with patients in a very volatile and stressful emergency room environment, his compassionate, empathetic, and open-minded style, and his own recovery journey to quickly connect with individuals and families who suffer from substance use disorders. Hubert has been engaged in over 1500 interventions in the emergency room and in private practice.

Hubert is a graduate of Leadership Greenville, Leadership SC, and the Diversity Leadership Initiative at Furman University. Hubert has served on The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation SC Board, the Leadership Greenville Advisory Council, the Leadership SC Board of Directors, GHS Children’s Hospital Advancement Council, and the BSUMC Outreach Ministry Board. He is also a member of the Downtown Rotary Club of Greenville, SC.

Outside of work, Hubert enjoys hiking, backpacking, arts & entertainment, and traveling. He and his wife have two girls. They live in Greenville, SC and spend a lot of time at the family mountain cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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  • National Certified ARISE Interventionist
  • Certified Family Coach
  • National Certified Peer Recovery Coach
  • Certified Mayo Clinic Health & Wellness Coach
  • Certified Mental Health First Aid Responder


“For a number of years we have had a family member who, following tragic issues as part of military service, faced growing issues with alcohol abuse. As the years passed by the addiction grew to a point of where we lost control. In an effort to secure professional services we reached out to Hubert Yarborough who has been a priceless resource for our family. He helped identify the best care for our family member and is working to keep these positive treatments moving forward. We deeply appreciate Hubert’s time and support during these very difficult times.”
“Hubert Yarborough has been my Wellness Coach during a rough time in my life. He has met with me and given advice during crucial moments. He has give me time when I needed to decide things for myself, but he has pushed me when I needed to be pushed. He has stuck by me through the lows and highs. I don't know where I'd be exactly without Hubert intervening, but I know I would not be moving forward.”
South Carolina Mountains
Zack H
“My wife contacted Hubert seeking the help I needed. He was willing and able to meet with us that same night in our home. Since day one, Hubert’s been a consistent source of encouragement and support, dedicated to active involvement in my recovery. I’ve been able to confide in Hubert, and he’s challenged me with both honest dialogue and accountability. I’ve been inspired by his example, which has helped me sustain my recovery.”
South Carolina Marsh
“I woke up in the emergency room after suffering an overdose. Hubert was called to the ER and was at my bedside when I woke up. I stayed in the hospital for two months fighting an infection from IV drug use. Hubert visited me on a regular basis and even brought his therapy dog to see me. Hubert never gave up on me! After discharge, he worked to get me into a sober living house. Hubert, thank you for everything you've done and helping me get to where I am today.”

“Hubert was there for us in one of the darkest times with no judgment, just an open and compassionate heart. Hubert helped us find an appropriate inpatient rehabilitation facility for my husband and helped navigate conversations with doctors and nurses, provided emotional support and encouragement, and helped us manage expectations associated with the recovery process. Hubert made an extremely stressful time more manageable with his knowledge, compassion, and dependability. I am so grateful to Hubert for being a source of stability and emotional support to help make the best decisions required for the hard work that was to begin. My husband is home and sober. He is working hard every day to become a better version of himself.”

“Hubert advocates for his clients and their families by assisting in making individualized treatment plans and interventions. Hubert has continued to stay in contact with me to provide support, guidance, and to help establish new relationships conducive to a sober lifestyle.”
“Hubert is an amazing human being who’s truly passionate about helping others find their way to recovery. He’s a Champion and Advocate for individuals & families facing addiction and mental health illness. I have seen firsthand the compassion and dedication Hubert pours into every one of his clients guiding them to find the right resources and supporting them every step of the way. He makes a huge impact in every family he helps and every person that knows him. It has been my pleasure to work closely with Hubert the past few years and feel fortunate to know someone with such a servant's heart in the behavioral health community.”
J. Brown, Promises Behavioral Health
“I have known Hubert Yarborough for 7 plus years. I have supervised him and I can say, without hesitation, he is a gifted professional. He is person-centered and works tirelessly to help his clients reach their full potential. Hubert is a true asset to this field.”
Whitewater Falls
EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Heritage Health Solutions and Executive Director HERITAGE CARES
“Hubert is the utmost professional and working alongside him to help families is an honor. He is thorough and goes the extra mile. I’m glad to know such a resource exist in him!”
Golden Retriever
Heather Ferguson, LPN